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Of course, you can't be interested in tubes without having some sort of facination with speakers. Here are some examples of my meager attempt to go hi-fi with speakers. As much as I love to build more speakers, I just don't have a good setup in my garage for extensive woodworking. Building chicken coop is as much wooodworking as I'd tolerate. 


My first DIY speakers using Sheldon Stokes' Tiny TL design. It's a transmission line design that is folded in half. I built it with a cheap pair of Dayton PA speakers that I got for $20/pr. I sold them locally. The guy who bought the speakers put in a pair of Fostex 6" drivers. They sound great, according to the buyer. It was great for strings and vocals, but they were bass shy. They sounded awesome when complemented with a subwoofer.



Picked these up on Craigslist for $50. The lady who sold them to me thought they were junk and was very grateful that I would actually pay to have them hauled away.



An eBay find. These are based on Nagaoka Tetsuo's M-8BH mini back loaded horn design. They came unfinished. Since they are baltic birch with nice grains, I was going to clear coat them after some sanding but never found time to do it yet. They sound very nice. I can't believe how much soundstage you get from those 3" drivers. Great bass too! The mids are outstanding. Here are some Japanese links on the speakers:  http://hb6.seikyou.ne.jp/home/makizou/    http://www.atatan.com/~s-ito/sp/makizou.html


Here is a pair of KEF 102ab speakers that I wish I had kept. Got 'em for $80 from a speaker collector. They lacked efficiency, but sounded incredibly dynamic with push pull speakers. Since I was heading for a SE route, I thought I needed something that will work better with low powere amps. I doubt that I can find another pair like these anywhere that cheap.Undecided



A pair of Electro-voice Model 8s. They sounded very extra warm with tubes.


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