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The Chicken Majal

Eggs are expensive these days. They average price of eggs in CA is around $3.75 for 18 eggs. That's like a price of three octal sockets! It's time to take action. Mostly motivated by using up leftover lumbers from other projects, I decided to grow my own food. Like a true engineer, I started building this with no plan. Just made it up as I went and did it the way made most sense to me. I also used some information available on www.backyardchickens.com. Mind you that this is work in progress. I use some hours on Saturday mornings to work on it (this explains miniscule delays in tube amp orders). I'd also like to acknowledge my dad for his assistance in the construction process and my wife for inspiring me to follow her examples of organic farming. 


All framed up. The coop is 4x4 sitting on 18" stilts, and the size of the pen/run will be determine later once I have the coop finished.








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