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The Mystery Project

If you have been following my work, you would be somewhat familiar with the fact that my turn over time is pretty short, therefore you would expect to see pictures of a completed project in no time. Well, this will be a bit different. I am going to take my jolly good time working on this, so you can follow this project for a long time to come. Much time will be spent on hunting for esteric parts for the project. I really want this to be something special.

For a starter, I don't know what I am building. But what I do know is that the amp will probably weigh around 80+ lbs. I have been collecting some irons for this mystery project and I have been also changing my mind to best suit the parts on hand. So far I have:

- a Peerless filament irons that have one 120V bias, two 10VAC, one 5.0VAC, one 6.3VAC, and one 2.5VAC secondary taps that weighs 12 lbs

- a Altec choke that weigh 25 lbs.

- a 860VCT 600 mA Western Electric power tranny with a 5.0VAC tap that weighs 28 lbs

Based on what I have so far, I am thinking about going for something with 211, 845, 813, 805, or 833A. Kinda like the idea of going with the 845. I could always build a killer WE91A with these anytime if I get tired of exploring my options. Feel free to suggest any ideas on this. I'd also welcome schematics to accompany your suggestions as well. Smile

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