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 Project Index

Single Ended Amplifiers

-  John Dunn Korneff 45 SET Stereo amp

- Trieu Ly's WE91A-300B Monoblock amps  

1626 Darling SET Power/Headphone amp 

- Gene's WE91A-300B amps 

- WE91A-2A3 Stereo SET Amp for sale 

- Bill Richards WE91A-300B Clone

Patrick's WE91A-2A3 Stereo Clone 

- Mohamed's WE91A-2A3 Stereo Clone

- Seth's WE91A-300B Stereo Clone 

Darryl's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone 

- Kurt's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone 

- Paul's WE91A-300B Integrated Stereo  

- TAL 2A3 SET Stereo 

JE Labs 300Bdx Monoblocks 

Korneff 45 Stereo Clone  

-  JEL SE 45 deluxe stereo with Hashimoto OPTs 

WE91A-2A3 Stereo with ASC oil caps 

JE Labs 2A3 deluxe Stereo

- Western Electric Model 91A 300B Stereo

- Western Electric Model 91A 300B monoblocks

- Lindsayt's Korneff 45 SET Stereo

- Claude V's WE91A-300B monoblocks 

- Peter Schwartzman's Korneff 45 SET Stereo

- Fred Cassidy's 300B IT coupled SET Stereo

- Jeff Chiang's WE91A-2A3 Stereo

- WE91A-300B monoblocks

- John's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone

- Kenny's VT-25 SET Stereo Amp

- TAL VT-25/10Y SET Stereo Amp 

- Lanny's WE91A-2A3 SET Stereo

- Adam's TAL 2A3 Stereo Amp

- WE91A-2A3/45 Stereo Amp

- Charles' WE91A-45 stereo Amp

- Mike's WE91A-300B Stereo Amp 

- Bob Stanley's WE91A-2A3 Stereo Amp

- Bill Anderson's JE Labs 300B Deluxe SET monoblocks

- Manu's JEL Simple 45/2A3 Stereo Amp

- Bill Anderson's Loftin-White 2A3 SET Stereo Amp 

- Glenn's JE Labs 2A3 Deluxe Stereo SET Amp

Dan's JE Labs 2A3 Deluxe Stereo SET Amp

- Bryan's WE91A 300B Clone Monoblocks

- Min's WE91A 300B Clone Stereo Amp, aka "The Big Red"

- Dan's JE Labs Simple 45/2A3 Stereo SET Amp

- 1626 Direct-coupled Double Darling Integrated stereo SET Amp

- Steve's JE Labs 300B Classic Monoblock SET Amps

- Get*Set*Go 300B and 6B4G stereo SET Amps

- 13EM7 Monoblock SET Amps

- 1626 Cap-coupled Darling stereo SET Amps

- 6L6GC "Simpleton" Stereo SET Amp

- 6080/6AS7 "Lilliput" Stereo SET Amps

- Vern's JE Labs 300B Deluxe Monoblock SET Amps

- Todd's 6C6-driven WE91A-2A3 Stereo SET Amp

- George's 6C6-driven WE91A-2A3 Stereo SET Amp

- Paul's 6C6-driven WE91A-300B Monoblocks SET Amp with Hashimoto OPTs

David's 6C6-driven WE91A-300B Stereo SET Amp

- John's 5693-driven WE91A-300B Stereo SET Amp

- Jouni's 6C6-driven WE91A-300B Stereo SET Amp with Sophia Electric 9103 OPTs

- Randy's JE Labs 300B Deluxe Stereo SET Amp

- Mike's WE91A-2A3 Monoblock SET Amps

- Scott's WE91A-300B Monoblock SET Amps with Sophia 9103 OPTs

- Mike's 1626 Darling Integrated stereo SET Amp

- Scott's JEL 2A3dx Stereo SET amp 

Jim's WE91A-2A3 Stereo SET amp 

- Vince's JE Labs Simple 45 Stereo amp

- Kenny's WE91A-300B clone Stereo SET amp

Min's WE91A-2A3 Clone Stereo SET amp

- Dixon's WE91A-300b Clone Stereo SET amp

- Bob's EML 20B SE DHT stereo Amp

- JEL SRPP 45 SET Setreo Amp

- Andy's TAL 91A (WE91A-300B) amps

- TAL Cantata Stereo amp

- Bob's WE91A-2A3 Stereo amp

- Bill's WE91A-300B Stereo amp

- Mike's SRPP 45 Stereo amp

- Scott's WE91A-300B Stereo amp

- Frank's JEL300Bdx Stereo amp rebuild

- Frederick Ma's JEL 45/2A3dx Stereo amp

- Tony Petrakis WE91A-300B monoblocks 

- Paul's SRPP45 SET Stereo

- JEL Stereo EL34 SET Hi-Fi Amp

- Korneff 45 Rebuild Project

- Steve Hom's Loftin-White 2A3

- Ed's TAL 2A3dx Stereo SET Amp

- TAL Hi-Fi EL-34 SET Amp

- Oleg's  EML 20B SET Stereo Amp

- Fixed Bias We91A-300B Stereo Amp

- Brice Pauset's WE91A-300B Amps

- Arthur Freeman's WE91A-2A3 Stereo Amp

- Cort's Korneff 45 Stereo SET amp

- Bill's Korneff 45 Stereo Clone

- Steve's Loftin-White 2A3 SET monoblocks

- Kenny's 1626 Darling stereo

- Dixon's 20B OTA

- John's Korneff 45 Clone

- Jose's We91A-300B Stereo

- Min's Korneff 45 SET Stereo Clone

- Larry's WE91A-2A3 SET Stereo

- Bill's Korneff 45 SET Stereo

Mark's Integrated Korneff 45 Stereo 

- Kevin's WE91A-300B mono

- Tim's WE91A-300B stereo

- Sean's WE91A-300B stereo

- Michael's WE91A-2A3 stereo

- Alan's TAL 807 SE Stereo

Push Pull Amplifiers

- DIYTUBE Dynaco ST-35

- Alex's DIYTUBE Dynaco ST-35

- KLM's Handwired ST-70

- TAL KT-120 PP amp

- 6B4G PP Amp

Ikeclone KT88 Stereo Amp

- Owen's Ikeclones

- 6B4G IT-coupled PP Stereo


- VTA SP-6

- Alex's VTA SP-6

- Shure M-65 Phono Preamp Clone

- Glenn's JE Labs Phono Preamp

- John's JE Labs FF Preamp

- Paul's JE Labs FF Preamp

- Mike's JE Labs FF Preamp

- Dixon's JE Labs Standalone Line stage preamp

- Kevin's JEL Phono Preamp

- Fred's JEL Linestage Preamp

- Alan's JEL FF Preamp

Scott's JEL FF Preamp

- Peter's JEL FF Preamp

- Mark's JEL FF Preamp

- Dylan's JEL Phono Preamp

- Paul's JEL FF preamp

- David's JEL Line preamp

- Ted's JEL FF preamp

- Dan's JEL FF preamp

- Richard's JEL linestage

- Chuck's JEL Linestage

- Imtiaz JEL/TAL Linestage

- Gary's JEL/TAL FF preamp

- Jim Frank's JEL/TAL Linestage

- Bill's JEL linestage

- Manu's TAL Line Stage

- Min's JEL FF preamp

- Greg's TAL FF preamp

- Kevin's JEL Mono Preamp

- TAL FF Preamp

- TAL FF Preamp with 7193s/6J5s

JE Labs FF preamp 

- L. Hansen JEL FF Preamp 

JEL Line Stage Preamp 

- Paul's JEL Line Stage Preamp

- Bill's JEL Standalone Line Stage Preamplifier 

Jeff's JE Labs Linestage

- Harry's JEL FF Preamp 

Will's JEL Linestage Preamp

- Eric's JEL Phono Preamp 

- Jay's JEL FF Preamp 

Refurbish works

- Dynaco MKII Monoblocks

- Dynaco ST-70 with DIYTUBE ST-70 board

- Dynaco ST-70 with VTA board

- Scott LK-48B Integrated Amp

- Heathkit W-5M Monoblocks with Russian PIO Caps

- La Scala Speakers

- Pilot SP-210 preamp 

- Sun Audio SV-2A3 Stereo SET Amp

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