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JE Labs Standalone Line Stage

2x 76s, 2x 6SN7s, and 1x GZ34 rectifier

Separate PS outboard, 100% point-to-point wiring

Sowter 9335 attenuator transformers with Seidon switch

Built for Dixon Chen of Malaysia

Completed on 10/5/09

 "Wow! This preamp certainly fired up the soundstage like never before! The presence of each nuance at the background and at the front of the stage, its really came alive! Instruments played on the front of the soundstage was so 3D you could almost feel if the musician was standing right in front playing it there and then!

Most other small noval preamps out there I tried played music with only 2 dimensional, and very solid state/hifi like. THis pre amp is nothing like it, the reviews about the 76 tubes are no myth, and the best thing is the preamp is very very very quiet with zero hum whatsoever. Where I am listening this to, in my sound room has a ground loop problem at the power source, thus you here buzz and audible hum when I used to connect any of my stereo gear but yours seems to be so quiet! Can't believe it!

Lastly, the BASS! I have never heard bass notes as dynamic and as deep ever being produced on my SET system. Always thought its because my speakers ( a pair of Harbeth Compact 7's at 86db/w) were the culprit althought they outperform many at that low efficiency! But this time round, I can't believe how its fleshed out the bass frequencies, its like I've been missing out on them because of deficient gear!

I used to run only a pair of TVC passive preamp direct from the cd source and to the amp to prevent further coloration I thought that could come from a preamp, but now of course with the integration into this preamp, the extra gain and the magic Transparency of the 76 definitely propels my system to another level! Rather amazing! " - Dixon Chen of Malaysia





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