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Western Electric Model 91A (WE91A) Stereo SET Amp
2x Sovtek 2A3s, 2x RCA 6C6s, and Chatham 5R4 pumping out 4.5 glorious SET watts/channel
Hammond power transformer and choke (both overspec'd by 2x in current handling), James 6113HS OPTs, audiophile grade aliens

Sprague Atom and FT electrolytic caps, CC resistors, and other usual crap
Customer: Min @ Tube Audio Lab (He's a very patient customer. The amp was 1 month overdue.)

Comments: I might sell this, so email me if you're interested.

Completed on 1/19/10


This perhaps is the only valid audiophile secret out there. These glowing aliens are equipped with proprietary "stuff" that when they are placed in promixity of any tube amps, they are able to vastly increase 6D imaging of the soundstage, get rid of all hums (even on amps that have no filter stage), and make your tube amp sound like the most expensive SS amp on the planet. You need to hear to believe it!


Their (audiophile aliens') glowing intensity increases according to the frequency of the sound coming off of your tube amp. You can see them at work right before your eyes. Truly remarkable! There has never been a better invention!

(Hope nobody takes what I am saying about those "Audiophile Aliens" seriously, but if you really want to buy these glowing critters go to a local Ikea store. I got 'em for 7 bucks each) Smile





I know. Those cheesy Solens don't belong in the amp, especially as coupling caps. I ran out my usual Russian PIO caps when I built this amp. I ordered some from Ukraine, so hopefully they will be here in a couple of months (actually, more like 2 weeks).


It's amazing how simple things as coupling capacitors can make such a difference. Those PIO caps seem to make the sound even smoother and more natural. I also wanted to keep the anode volts a bit higher to get some extra juice out of those Sovteks. I did so by increasing the capacitance on the first cap from 10 uF to 22 uF.

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