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JEL Full Function Preamp

2x 76s coupled to 2x 6sn7 for linestage

2x 6sl7 for passive RIAA

Outboard power supply rectified by 5U4G

All Hammond irons, all Angela's copper foil PIO caps, Kiwame CC resistors, ALPS 250K pot

Built for Alan Ostreicher of SF, CA

Completed on 1/29/10

“Min is a great builder in many ways.  His workmanship is impeccable,  he was very willing to customize my unit according to my aesthetic 

and parts requests, and I feel his products are a tremendous value in  the sometimes bewildering world of hi-fi.  What I mean by value is 

that at least half the cost of this unit is in the parts.  That's  hard to find in a kit let alone a finished product.


The JE Labs phono and line preamp sounds great.  It seems to make my  speakers sound "bigger".  I won't go into greater detail about the 

sound since that is very subjective.  I can say that the external  power supply makes it the quietest phono preamp I have heard.  

Excellent unit, thanks Min.” - Alan





This preamp has low Z phono out through the linestage and high Z phono out for power amps with input impedance of 250k or higher.


I borrowed the EML 5U4G rectifier from the 20B SET project for the photo. I have never seen a bigger tube before!



Notice all the paper in oil capacitors by Angela. They are pricey all together, especially when there are so many in the circuit, but it's really well worth it. The preamp sounds smooth as butter. Also notice all the Kiwame resistors in the signal path.


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