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Parts suppliers...

Enormous selection of new old stock and current production tubes. Exclusive dealers for One Electron OPTs. Great selections on tube amp parts matched by excellent customer service. 

Angela Instruments

Carries a huge stock of Hammond Products. Has some information on some of JE Labs amps. A great place to shopfor those that live in the eastcoast.

Triode Electronics Inc. Online 

Famous for their Dynaclone products. Great place to shop for Dynaco tube amp enthusiasts. Very friendly and reliable customer service. Has lots of guitar amp parts. Heaps of schematics.

Mouser Electronics 

One of big names in the business. Has all resistors and capacitors or infinite values. Their project manager features make it easy to look for parts.

Allied Electronics 

My favorite place to get ASC oil capacitors. Has great selections on other passive components, but not as extensive as Mouser.

Tube Depot 

Great selections on current production tubes. Best prices on the web!

Vacuum Tubes Inc. 

A great place to shop for NOS and used vintage tubes.

Madisound Speaker Components, Inc.

Into building speakers? They got everything you need to build speakers of all types. Has the best selections on Fostex drivers.

Parts Express 

Another great place to get speaker stuff. Has many cool ideas for budget speakers. 

GlassWare Audio Design 

Run by John Broskie of Tube CAD. His Aikido PCBs are loved by many DIY'ers worldwide.  

Weber Copper Cap Rectifiers

A Great alterative to tube rectifiers. Has replacement for many commonly used rectifiers.

Useful Information...

Tube Data Sheet Locator

A popular Web resource for finding data on vacuum tubes, put together by Duncan Amps.

Tom McNally's Amps

Tom showcases some of his fine works.

Shannon Park's DIYTUBE

A wealth of information on anything tube audio related.  A good place to start for beginners.

Walton Audio

A site dedicated to instructions for building JEL 300B amps. Very easy to follow.  

JE Labs 

My favorite DIY'er. Has tons of good information for those that homebrew their own tube amps.

LeBong Audio 

Very artistic tube amps. Has one of my favorite schematics for 1626 Darling amp.