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JEL SRPP 45 SET Stereo Amp by TAL (aka Tube Audio Lab)

Built based on JE Labs' SRPP 45 circuit

2x 6SL7s, 2x 45s, and 1x GZ34 (all NOS)

James 6123HS OPTs, James choke, and Hammond power transformer and filament transformers

Audio Note pure silver plated binding posts, silver wires in the signal path, Angela/Jensen Tin Foil PIO singal caps,

Tekman carbon film resistors, Riken carbon composition resistors, over-spec'd MO and WW power resistors

Misc: automotive paint job and stainless steel mounting screws and nuts

Completed on 3/10/10 

"I bought the JE Labs "SRPP 45" Min built this week (he listed it on agon) - $1300 sans tubes.  He used all primo parts and gave it a gorgeous red auto finish.  This thing is killer!  Preferable to my ***** on my Tonian TL-D1s. 

(Ah, that other benefit of HE speakers - no beefy amps required.  This amp is just - maybe MORE - dynamic than the 50W ***** at the volumes I listen at.)

Retail price of the ***** is exactly 10x what I paid for this amp.  Of course, they will drive speakers a 45 can't hope to.  But for speakers like the 95 dB/W, 8-ohm Tonians, it is hard indeed to beat a 45 SET, and this is a good one.

I've told Min he should turn this into a kit - with the demise of Welborne there are no longer ANY 45 SET kits in the market.  (Bottlehead 2A3 can be converted to run 45s like any 2A3 but output iron will not be optimal.)
 " -Paul Folretch



Looking sharp in automotive cherry red paint...


Matching pair of NOS RCA 6SL7s and NOS Zenith 45 and RCA Radiotron 45


The 45s are wired to 3.5k primary of the James 6113HS OPTs to give a good balance of linearity and power. The amp is wired for 8 ohms secondary, but the OPTs also have 4 ohms taps.


Beauty is only skin deep...under the hood is where this amp really shines. Notice those Angela/Jensen Tin Foil PIO caps, Tekman CF resistors, and Riken CC resistors.


Look at those large yellow cathode resistors in aluminum housing, that are rated 50W. 10W would have done the job just fine, but I always over-spec to insure longevity of my amps. The same goes for the power transformer - the amp can run off of 120 mA on HT, but I am using 200 mA.


Audio Note silver plated binding posts

I am very impressed with the sonic quality of this amp. The SRPP configuration of 6SL7 really brings out resolution and speed w/o any loss of musicality and warmth. I really enjoy listening to Alison Krauss' vocals and Nickel Creeks' strings on this amp. Punchy and tight bass. The sound feels like you just brushed your teeth before going to bed. It's very clean sounding. Those of you who like the sound of the 45 will know what I babbling about. The only caveat is that the amp pumps out just shy of 2 watts per channel and you do need fairly efficient speakers for good volume. This is not an issue for me as my Klipsch Fortes that are rated 98dB/W/m. Another nice thing about the amp is that the 2A3 can also be used in the amp without any modification. This ought give you about an extra 1W or so.


On Paul's rack...

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