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Completed kits by customers:


Dave Million's WE91A-300B Monoblocks


Marc Felder's Integrated WE91A-2A3 Stereo


Mike Forbe's Integrated WE91A-2A3 Stereo


William V's WE91A-300B Mono kit


Now you can order a complete kit for Modern Western Electric Model 91A (WE91A) power amplifier, JEL power amp, or JEL preamp!!!! Read on...


I have been asked by many of my solder sniffing clients about putting together a kit that would allow them to put together by themselves some of the products that I provide. I have been putting it on the backburner for sometime now mostly due to amount of work orders that I have been getting (yeah!) plus my regular "normal" work schedule. I figured that unless I make a real effort to make it happen, this kit idea will never materialize. So here it goes - I am making it happen. For now, I will only offer kits for amps that I have lots of experience building. They are as follows:

WE91A 300B/2A3

  - stereo or monoblocks

  - with 310A, 6J7, 5693, or 6C6 driver

JEL Simple 45/2A3

JEL 2A3 Deluxe Stereo

JEL Full Fuction Premp

JEL Standalone Linestage

JEL 300B Deluxe Stereo

JEL 300B Classic Stereo


Here is what you get with a kit:

  - A complete set of parts that will enable the buyer to put together an amp. As far as parts selections go, please look here.

  - Completed chassis work (plus painting work, if needed) . I will do all the metal work on the chassis according to the layout of your choice. This will save you about about 40% of construction time.

  - Assembly guideline and full technical support via phone or email (preferred)


Here is what you DON't get with a kit:

  - Hand tools to get the job done. This includes solder and soldering iron.

  - I release myself from any liability from any possible physical and mental injuries that might occur from putting my kits together. Remember that tube amps run on lethal volts.

  - My workmanship. The whole point of putting a kit together is to feel the sense of accomplishment. I will not rob you of the pleasure.


The lead-time for metal work and compiling all the parts will take about 1-2 weeks. Occasionally, there are some parts that need to be imported from abroad that would delay the delivery time. If all this sounds good to you, please contact me and I will give you a quote. Thanks for reading thus far. - Min



Here are some examples of successful projects:


WE91A-300B stereo with the 310A driver. Before...


And after!


JEL FF preamp. Before...



And after!

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