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TAL 45/2A3 SET Stereo Integrated Amp

Based on JEL 45dx Stereo, switchable bias for 45 and 2A3 output tubes, 2 wpc in 45 mode and 3- 4 wpc in 2A3 mode

James 6123HS OPT's, ASC oil filter caps, PIO coupling caps, Hammond 300 series power transformer

Tube complement: 2x 45/2A3's, 2x 76's,  2x 6SN7's, and 1x 5U4

Build for Frederick Ma of Malaysia

Completed 7/8/10


Comments: First of all, I love the way this amp looks. It looks like it belongs in the museum. Love that industrial look of the 50's. Sonically, this probably is the "biggest sounding" 45 amp that I have yet heard. I think the 76 tube might have something to do with that. The bass response is surprisingly big while retaining all the sweetness of the 45. I even found myself watching movies with this amp and it kept up with the Cantata. It also gives the option of using the 2A3 tubes. There is a switch that biased the output tubes accordingly. I found that those Cunningham CX-345's to be a great match for the amp. They seem to have a slight edge over the ST-shaped 45's. Overall, I am very pleased with the way this ampm turned out. I am now motivated to build another with a pair of Electra-Print OPT's that I have in my parts bin. -Min







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