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Hello Min,

Just a note to say thanks and wrap up the transaction.

First off, I’m very pleased with the product and the results. It took me about 20 hrs. to build it and another 3 or 4 to figure out a couple of mistakes I made. The amp sounds fantastic. I’ve heard a couple of 2a3 amps before so I had an idea what to expect, but this thing has really exceeded my expectations. What really surprises me is the bass, nice and full and tight. No joke – It sounds like I added a subwoofer to my rig. The detail in the music is there as well, but so very smooth and such a pleasure to listen to. The opposite of harsh or bright. Plenty of power for my Klipschorns for any type of music at any volume I care to listen. Just fantastic. The case came out very nice as well. A very impressive looking amplifier when finished and sitting in the rack. And thanks for getting it out before your vacation.

I do have some feedback from the customer’s point of view that you may or may not find useful.

The kit was complete with everything I needed to complete the job. The instructions were good and should be enough for your target audience (i.e.: people who have built before). I have built kits but never a scratch build, so I may have had a few more questions than most (sorry about all the emails). I’m glad you were on vacation because that caused me to figure things out for myself.

I THINK the case was drilled wrong for the power transformer. See the attached picture. No sweat, I just drilled 4 new holes and it mounted fine.

No fuse was supplied, which is no big deal but I couldn’t find a rating for it. I have a 1 amp fast blow that is working (blew once while testing). I think it should be 2 amps but I won’t change until I’m certain.

The connection for the 5v to the rectifier tube is confusing in the instructions. It says "The Yellow / Black wire, which is the center tap of the rectifier's filament power supply, serves as the rectified high tension volts (B+)." I do not see B+ anywhere on the schematic (I see +295v and + 330v).  Best I can tell is that the CT is not used. The schematic shows it not being used. Perhaps the information in the instructions is for another transformer / amp? Currently the amp is running with the yellow / black wire not connected to anything.

The bottom plate is not painted and shows from the front when the amp is assembled.

OK, not perfect but nothing is. If I wanted a no-brainer I would have bought another kit. I learned a lot and really enjoyed building it. Really a great experience, exactly what I was hoping for. The fact that the amp sounds so much better than any other amp I’ve owned makes it all that much better.

Thanks and take care,




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