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JE Labs Modified Linestage Preamplifier with Remote Control

Built for Bill Anderson of Tuscan, AZ

Completed on 10/20/11


The preamp is world class, a number of rooms at the Rocky MT show were using the XX XX-X preamp in expensive setups, your preamp beats it right out of the box and I suspect that you don’t have 23 large Teflon caps inside!!!  I listened to one of my usual test CD’s yesterday, Beethoven’s Triple Concerto with violin, cello and piano playing in front of an orchestra, the violin plays with the cello picking up the line, then the piano duets these instruments.  To hear all the fine interplay requires a really good preamp and your preamp is the best yet, and the list price isn’t $9,500!!  Plus I love the old tubes, the separate power supply must help too and sure isn’t included with the XX! - Bill

Note: the commerical preamp referenced in Bill's remarks was masked as per customer's request.




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