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JE Labs 300B Deluxe Single Ended Triode Amplifiers

2x 300Bs, 2x Type 76 input tubes, 2x 6SN7s

7-8 watts, Class A

James 1623HS Output Transformers, UTC Filter Chokes, Walnut Chassis

Built for Bill Anderson of Tucson, AZ

Completed on 12/14/11

"Min, as my new JE Labs 300B DX amps burn in I am enjoying the sound more as each day passes.  I have world class imaging with great tonal beauty, excellent macro and micro dynamics with good extension in high and low frequencies.  Instruments playing solo parts during symphonies open up with realism that I haven’t heard outside of very expensive gear.  I am extremely pleased with these amps and recommend them to anyone having moderately efficient speakers, just don’t go bargain hunting on tubes as you will hear the merits of the best tubes available!!! Thanks again Min! Bill Anderson"    






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