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Here are some of services that I offer... 

Custom builds:

     -  Amps featured in my portfolio  

     -  Customer provided schematics

     -  Amps based on popular schematics


     -  Refurbish vintage tube amps (see example)

     -  Upgrade Dynaco tube amps (see example1 and example2)

     -  General upgrade for other brand of tube amps

     -  General diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repairs

     -  Preventive maintenance (recapping, replacing resistors and tubes) 

For estimates on these services, please contact me either by phone or email. It usually takes me a day or two to carefully go over all the options available (mostly parts to be used) for each build. I will provide you with these options to help you decide on an amp that will best fit your budget, and most importantly, your listening needs.

I require that payment be made in full when order is placed. My choice of payment would be Paypal, as it provides seller/buyer protections. Please be sure to add 3% Paypal fees. If you prefer other mode of payment, please let me know. I won't stop you from payin'.

It takes me on average 3 weeks to fill an order. How long it takes will depend upon the complexity of the project - Darling amps typically take about a week to make (5 day for parts to arrive), while most 300B amps take about 2-4 weeks to make. So, my piece of advice is that if you see an amp you like go on sale here, you will do well to purcahse it to save you time. I usually have about 3 amps for sale each month.

One thing that my customers appreciates the most is my customer service. I offer free technical support as long as you own my amp. If the amp mal-functions within 30 days after purchase due to construction errors, I will fix the amp at free of cost. I do not provide any kind of warranties on tubes.