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Here you will find amps, speakers, and tube amp parts I currently have for sale. If there is nothing listed, please check back soon- I typically have an amp or two for sale each month.


Amp details: 

Output tube complement: 2x 5881 (compatible with 6V6 or 6L6), 1x 6SL7 (compatible with 6SN7), and 1x 5Y4 (compatible with 5R4 and 5U4)

Power output: 5 wpc with triode strapped 5881

Completed on 9/15/2019

Listed Price: Sold

Additional comments: Built using a custom circuit that allows for unlimited tube rolling possibilities. Sounds very transparent with excellent highs, smooth mids, and tight bass. The sound stage is slightly "forward", favoring female vocals and strings.

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