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Western Electric Model 91A (WE91A) 2A3 Stereo SET Amp

Available for sale. Email for pricing info. 

- 310A or 6C6 driver tube 

- 100% Handcrafted by me (Min at Tube Audio Lab)  

- USA made 15W Trascendar Output Transformers

- New pair of Sovtek 2A3s 

- NOS 6C6 tubes 

- Jensen/Angela Paper-In-Oil coupling capacitors 

- Sprague Atom and F&T filter and bypass caps

- Kiwame and AMRG signal resistors 

- Carbon comp resistors  

- Canadian made Hammond power, choke, and filament transformers

- Wired for 8 ohms speakers 

- Approx. 300-400 mA input sensitivity

- 4.5 watts per channel   


Thank you for building such a fine amp.

To provide some context, I have been an audiophile for about 35 years and have had fine systems throughout the years.  I was a partner in a dealer in Michigan and auditioned and carried some of the finest Class A solid state and Tube amps available.  I am very passionate about the sound of my system and go through an exhaustive search to find the one thats best for my system within my price range.  I was looking for a new SET Tube Amp and was convinced a high price boutique amp might be the ticket!

During my search, I stumbled upon Min’s Amps.  I was intrigued by a hand wired custom made amp.  I read Min’s reviews in the feedback section and looked over the Industrial looking amps very closely. I was skeptical that the amp could sound as good as the amps I was used to hearing from traditional audio companies and I also was concerned about workmanship as I never heard of Min.

After reaching out to Min to understand his approach to building Amps, and after many, many questions in which Min patiently answered all of them, I decided to take the plunge.

I was determined to get the 300b version, but after talking with Min and discussing the characteristics of my musical tastes and my speakers, I decided on the 2A3.  Once it arrived, shipping/handling damaged the on/off switch and with a call to Min we got the issue handled quickly with no problem.

This amp has 4.5 watts and even though my speakers are 95db, I still wasn’t confident I had enough power to drive (4) 15” drivers.

Immediately out of the box, I was lured in by the smooth, musical sound coming through my system that I just hadn’t achieved with amps costing over twice as much money.  Vocals were tonally correct, timbre was spot on, a black background that provided a holographic soundstage that would satisfy the most discerning listener!!!  Transparency and detail that give you goosebumps that motivate you to put on the next piece of music and the next until the wee hours of the morning until you rediscover your collection.  If listening to the music is what your about then this amp is for you!


Looking forward to having you make a new pre-amp for me and my wife! 


Bill Sawtell 





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