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"Hi Min, Attached are some pictures you are welcome to use if they suit you.  Except for a little more hum than I expected the amps sound great!  Interestingly the 300Bs from Sophia and the "starter" tubes from EH both sound nice but in different ways.  The Sophia's are smoother and creamier in the midrange but lack just a touch of extension or transient "bite"at the high and low end.  Just a touch mind you but you may want to offer either one as an option in future kits.  I am going back and forth liking the presentation of both!
I had to replace one of the 5R4s as it continued to arc and crackle on power-up.  I bought a pair of the straight sided 5R4's from RCA and a set of the coke bottle ones from Ken-Rad and they both are functioning nicely.  
Overall, I'm very pleased.  Thanks for all the hard work and assistance!" ~Dave Millon

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