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Meet the chief monkey of Tube Audio Lab...Min:

I received my Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology (with Microbiology/Molecular biology emphasis) from University of California, Davis, CA. I taught two semesters of introductory microbiology at American River College, Sacramento, CA (one of 4 campuses at Los Rios Community College District) and one semester of biology at Solano Community college District in 2009 to 2010. I worked as Process Engineer at Novartis Vacaville, CA, specializing in commercial manufacturing of therapeutic proteins (biologics) from 2010 to 2013. I am currently working for Elanco (the animail health division within Eli Lilly and Company), specifically at a commercial manufacturing facility located in the Sioux Falls area that specializes in the producton of veterinary biologics.

As you can see, I have neither academic nor formal training in Electrical Engineering. I make this disclaimer not as to discredit myself as a qualified tube amp builder, but rather to demonstrate that ANYBODY has an ability to do what I do. You just need to know how to use your common sense and be willing to use new tools. A bit of self-learning and perseverance help too. 

Lastly, I do sincerely appreciate those that have purchased amps from me so far. I appreciate it even more when they let me know how much they like my amps. Thanks for perpetuating this childhood hobby of mine, so that I could continue to offer more great sounding amps at affordable prices. 


Seriously, would you let this guy build amps for you!?