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Based on Shannon Park's DIYTUBE ST-35
4x EL84s, 1x 12AU7, and 1x 12AX7 with SS rectification
Good for 17 wpc in PP operation


Built on a wood base finished in golden oak. Output and power irons are 1650F and 270HX respectively. JJ Electronics' EL84 output tubes are driven by RCA's 12AX7A and 12AU7A in push pull configuration, putting out around 17 wpc.


These gold-plated binding posts connect to 8 ohms speakers. I didn't find the need for making connections for 4 ohms speakers, as I neither own a pair nor have any plans to use one.

Triode Electronics' DIYTUBE ST-35 Kit

Custom built for Alex M. Olay of Union City, CA. Sold for $800. Triode Electronics carries these kits. The kit includes everything you need to built the amp, except tubes. Love the stainless steel chassis. 


I am not a big fan of building amps out of PCBs, but it certainly make construction easy. The DIYTUBE boards are exceptional quality. This circuit allows for individual biasing of tubes, obviating the need for matchng tubes. 


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